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Go to the Bee

From ancient Brehon laws to modern research on swarming, how I am becoming a more instinctive beekeeper.

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An Bhanna

A journey from the Barmouth to the source of the River Bann as we navigate ancient mythology and the possibility of change ahead.

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An invitation to subscribe to ‘Upstream,’ a collection of essays that map the landscape as I see it.

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Where I am From

The space that this season has opened is fertile ground for creativity. As my sense of responsibility to the things I ‘should’ be doing falls away, I am left with a desire to write. I read a poem last week by Appalachian poet, George Ella Lyon, entitled ‘Where I’m From’. It begins: ‘I am from […]

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The Murmuration

This article first appeared in Bumble, a fantastic journal showcasing the wonders of the natural world. In the winter, when dusk is approaching and the river Lagan in Belfast is flat calm, a huge black cloud buckles and bends above the Albert Bridge. The spectacle stops traffic and causes pedestrians to pause their commute. This […]

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