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Bethany Dawson

Author // Writer // Editor

My Father’s House


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Robbie is a simple man who leads a simple life: he is a husband, father and journalist who lives and works in Dublin. However, his carefully crafted life has been interrupted by a phone call from his youngest sister, calling, after years of silence, to say his father is ill and he should come home. Robbie returns to Dromore, Northern Ireland and to Larkscroft Farm, the place where he grew up and the man with whom he grew up. In taking care of his father, an often angry, and complex man, Robbie allows the reader into his past. He reveals himself as a child, teenager and young adult, lost in the often tumultuous world of a dysfunctional family. Such insight is rare and privileged as you begin to see that no-one in Robbie’s new life knows anything about his past, not even his wife.


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