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The Hinge of the Year

December 28, 2020


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This year we have known eviction and generous hospitality; grief and deep joy; the bottom of the barrel and the flight path of an owl. As I gathered the material for another moon ritual, it was like having a conversation with elders who have travelled these paths before. I am a little less intimidated by the journey and I hope you will feel the same.

It is not an easy thing to take stock of 2020 and set intentions for the year ahead. What do we leave behind? How can we equip ourselves for the unknown? These are are sorts of conversations that breed more questions than answers. However, it is my intention to use these rituals as a way of creating space – a space to be still, silent and receive blessing.

‘The hinge of the year
the great gates opening
and then slowly slowly
closing on us.’ – Marge Piercy

May this ritual empower you to engage this threshold and move with greater intention through the gate of the new year.

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